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International Duo Band

Yerko Lorca and Kuan Yin form an international duo. They began working together in 2015 with the development of an elegant, moving project to create interactive documentary concerts suitable for all audiences. Their music blends Iberian, Celtic, Mediterranean, Asian and West African cultures. This fusion has led to a performance of a unique, timeless and mysterious expression that transports the audience to other worlds through instruments such as the Kora (West African harp), the Guzheng (Chinese harp), the Tar (Western Mediterranean drum), the Lyre (ancient Mediterranean instrument) and singing.

Through time and space, with a music that encourages cultural exchange and reflection through sung poetry.As well as composing their own songs in the fantasy genre, this duo has created its own versions of historic recordings, which they perform with the Tar and the Luna funerary stele lyre or Tartessian lyre (the first fifteen-string lyre on the Iberian Peninsula, inspired by a funerary stele dating back to 10 B.C.).

They currently independently produce their own music, working on the production and composition of soundtracks and performing their music around the world, at concerts, festivals, universities, museums and different social events.