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  • This musical instrument comes from the mythological world. Myths and legends have a lot of things that are true and false, or they cannot be understood with the current rational thinking, but they are the common memory of the community. They salvage these things and turn it into the present. Myths and legends. I have witnessed the sound that has never happened before my eyes for thirty years in my broadcasting career. It is very shocking.

    Music Reviewer

    ShiFong Ma
  • It seems that the sound of limping from ancient times is full of intoxicating beauty in intellectual. They are the most elegant performers I have ever seen. They plucked and sang in a relaxed manner. The sound of ancient music is like a spirit bird from another time and space, leading the listener into the mysterious time corridor.

    World Music Festival Curator

    SuYing Yu
  • The resurrection of this ancient musical instrument is often easy to be rigid, because when we are talking about ancient times, it is often very national or nationalistic, but when he translates such ancient musical instruments, he gives some new life, plus His own stories, fictional novels, try to bring historical scenes between fictional stories, many new possibilities arise between fiction and reality, and artistry is created between such fiction and reality.

    Music Festival Curator

    ShiFong Zhoung
  • 聽到西非豎琴時,我以為是個樂團,好幾把琴在一塊,實際一看才發現只有一個人,是一人大樂隊。音樂得以從西非草原到竹林小徑,其實器樂能在不同音樂類型上駕馭,就代表著它的多元及厚實度。


  • 傳說般的古老樂聲,奏著兩人共同創作的當代樂曲,回到了對音樂最澄淨的喜愛,帶著這份感動和敬拜環遊世界。




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Podcast/Radio Broadcasts

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