Musician (plays Kora, Guzheng and Tar), composer and singer

From Taiwan, she studied piano and singing from an early age. She have the first contact of guzheng with her mother, and then with some of the most prestigious guzheng teachers and musicians in Taiwan.

Kuan Yin now plays a different guzheng to the ones commonly known, which was left to her by her mother and has 16 metal strings.

In 2012, she graduated in Broadcasting Division of Radio at one of the best universities in Taiwan. 

In 2015, she travelled to Barcelona to study the kora with Yerko Lorca, who used traditional methods to teach her the basic concepts forming the basis of good technique in this instrument.

She often accompanies many of the popular Sephardic and ancient compositions from the Mediterranean on the tar, which significantly enhances these songs with a very unique expression and colour.

Furthermore, since 2010 Kuan Yin has been training as a storyteller with the prestigious Alessio di Modica in Sicily, using the “contemporary clown” system to connect and empathise with the audience. This training, together with her great charisma, have made her one of the best storytellers in Taiwan.