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Reborn of Ancient Lyre

This conference discusses songs with an archaeological base, theories of interpretation of extremely reputable researchers, songs from Egypt, and some of the oldest complete songs in the world, with special emphasis on the Seikilos epitaph, recognised as one of the oldest melodies with musical notation in the world.


This conference focuses on the knowledge of even older religious and spiritual melodies, such as the Hurrian hymn, of Mesopotamic origins, and sounds of extinct tongues used in rituals in ancient Iberia.


We discuss the lyres that, in different cultures and periods, colonised the Mediterranean, although the lyre as a functional instrument integrated into a tradition can only be found in a few areas of the world. Furthermore, the explanation of the recreation of the fifteen-string Luna funeral stele lyre that Yerko Lorca directed and funded with (GReMIA).


The conferences are given in Spanish, English or Chinese. Their duration is flexible (between 30 and 90 minutes). The main instruments used to illustrate each one are the ancient Mediterranean lyre, the drum and song.Large spaces require amplification equipment that the duo can provide.


The conference includes:
-Exhibition of the instruments.
-Recital of songs performed in relation to the subject (some interactive).
-Audio-visual presentation, which requires a projector.



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