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  • Two crystal voices weave through shine of thousands strings and deep calm resound of drum. There are music created by messengers who bond sound and stream of time. I believe they were reborn and over come after many life times to deliver beautiful music to us at present.

    Traditional Golden Music Award Winner / Sitar Player

    Ryohei Kanemitsu
  • Listening to their music and singing takes me to a journey from ancient times to the futures, back and forth. It happens when I read YK stories too, experiencing the past, present and future, all in a single moment! It seems the whole time is reflected in one moment. This feeling becomes much more natural when it is generated by a wonderful couple who unified together from two different and far points on the earth.

    Iranian Director

    Ali Montazami
  • It seems that the sound of limping from ancient times is full of intoxicating beauty in intellectual. They are the most elegant performers I have ever seen. They plucked and sang in a relaxed manner. The sound of ancient music is like a spirit bird from another time and space, leading the listener into the mysterious time corridor.

    World Music Festival Curator

    Suying Yu

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