Árcaron-Under Twin Moons:The Rise of a Myth

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NT$ 980

➻ Product Including Arcaron I Novel (Chinese, English, Spanish), 15 original songs CD, exquisite box, size 14.5*25.4*2.3cm
➻ Pre-order album will be sent on the issue date

Árcaron, the first music album ever to include the Tartessian lyre (an instrument that had vanished from the face of the Earth for centuries before being recently brought back to life), focuses on the West African 21 strings kora and ancient Mediterranean lyres, embellished with digital sound. It has opened up a new horizon unrestricted by the stereotypical limits of traditional instruments. The 15 songs, which inspired a mystery novel we have written (also entitled Árcaron), are arranged in an order that follows the plot, progressing from quiet tranquility to the magnificence of epic poetry. The book contains English, Spanish, and Chinese versions.

Árcaron is in fact a series of eight albums. The first, Árcaron – Under Twin Moons I – The Rise of a Myth, combines the aspects of myths of the ancient world, epic fantasy, and science fiction. In the story, the protagonist searches for the truth of the world via a book of mysterious sheet music. The storybook cover design is made to look like that of the book of sheet music, and the printed aqua pattern on the album cover comes from Árcaron folk tradition as presented in the story. There is also an image of an ouroboros based on a drawing done in the third or fourth century by Cleopatra the Alchemist. Its archaic look was achieved through a combination of foil stamping, four color-process printing, and varnishing before finally being embossed, and like books of old, it is perfect bound with an exposed spine. In addition, the page sides are smudged with red, echoing the bloodstains on the sheet music. The CD sits inside the front cover of the book, the notches holding it having been made to look like the full moon and crescent moon in the story, visually bringing you further into the world of Árcaron.


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Dimensions 25.4 × 14.5 × 2.3 cm