Sankofais an independently produced album of local West African music and of the artist’s own contemporary compositions. The album was published in 2011 and includes eleven songs with a total duration of 52:59 minutes. The artist Yerko Lorca plays the traditional twenty-one-string kora (West African harp) and adds the voice to the songs.

The album has a minimalist, smooth, elegant and emotional feel to it.

The illustrations are representations of the Park Güell, where several of the songs were composed. Sankofais originally a symbol of Ghana, represented in an Antonio Gaudí-style mosaic on the front cover and meaning “study the roots to build the future”.

The album design is the result of the combined work of two artists from the north and south of the Iberian Peninsula, respectively: Rubén Guerra from Galicia and Toni Moll from Andalusia.

The album includes a booklet in Spanish, Chinese and English, with images on thirty-six pages and the narration of an anecdote while travelling in Mali, where Yerko Lorca learned to play the kora.