Sonambé – Siembrais an international, independently produced album of music composed by the artists Yerko Lorca from Barcelona, Yaiza Rodríguez from the Canary Islands, and Pedro Collares from Brazil, in collaboration with the artists Martial Meuh from France, and Binot from Nepal.

The album was published in 2014 and includes ten songs, with a total duration of 46 minutes. The instruments played are the kora (West African harp), the hang, the ukulele, the tanpura, the ancient Greek lyre, the guitar, the bansuri, various percussion instruments as well as different male and female voices.

The musical transition of the album Siembra is like the passing of the day, or even the years. At the start, the atmosphere is very happy and full of energy and, as the music progresses, it takes on a more intimate, mature style.

The album includes a booklet with illustrations on twenty pages, with the lyrics to the songs in Spanish.