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Some people claim that casual sex is downright unhealthy for everyone involved. Unfortunately, science is still pretty darn new on this topic. A recent study shows that, in non-monogamous couples, where a man has had more sex in a short amount of time, he is at a higher risk of getting an STD or developing a mental disorder. But the study also notes that this doesn’t translate to every guy that goes out for a night on the town. Also, scientists have found that women who have had many partners tend to have more sexually transmitted infections than women with fewer partners. READ NEXT: 5 questions about casual sex that even your friends can’t answer Out of all the reasons why casual sex might not be good for you, the main one is your health. This applies to monogamy too: For the same reason. Is casual sex the new 9-to-5? It depends. Former Naughty Numbers senior editor Marci Alboher proposed that all sexual activity should be considered work. “In the absence of any social norms limiting one to just one sexual relationship per year, my definition of work is any sexual activity that’s intended to meet social or emotional needs,” she told Mic in a recent interview. “And the resulting feelings of success or failure would be how often the sexual activity was effective.” Cisgender people of any sex who take on the societal expectation of monogamy tend to be pretty damn stressed out about their sex lives. But could flings be fulfilling in and of themselves? It really depends on the pair, and how prepared they are to handle the sexual consequences that come with just about any sexual activity. “I think every casual hookup could be a healthy encounter,” says Los Angeles-based therapist (and sexual health educator) Bonnie Hart. “The key to a healthy encounter is the anticipation of some risk and the conscious choice to accept that risk.” If a particular casual hookup is a reminder of the truth that relationships and love are hard to come by, then maybe it’s a bit wiser than it’s shown up. “Going out looking for sex just because you think you might not find something else makes you kinda crazy,” adds Hart. “There’s always a better opportunity around the corner.” You might want to wait to see if you see this person again. Of course, casual sex just isn’t a viable or healthy option for everyone. People with health problems, mental health issues, disabilities, and socioeconomic status can all be impacted by the

This is a common question. Although there is no definitive “yes” or “no” on this issue, the short answer is, no. There are several reasons why casual sex isn’t harmful for you. The truth is, there is no “casual” sex. It is all just sex. If one’s criteria for casual sex is when the sexual part of one’s partner is not strong, then we have all kind of sex. 1. Youthful and uninhibited If we were afraid that casual sex would make us immature and misinformed, we should be able to say no to casual sex without all of the side effects. It doesn’t. It allows us to enter the playfulness of youth, which acts as a non-verbal initiation into the real world. Then, when we encounter the moral and socially encoded rules, we are able to keep our sanity. 2. Healthy sex One of the most important things that casual sex provides to the sexual health of individuals is good sex. The absence of sex is the biggest cause of sexual dysfunction. In the 40 years I’ve been teaching about sexuality, I’ve never once found that students who had avoided casual sex had higher rates of STDs, genitourinary infections, or nocturnal emissions. 3. Close to home Despite the fact that people think they are having and trying out sex with strangers, the chances are very high that they are. If one moves away from home, the first thing that happens is that they catch up with friends who had the same mentality as them. It’s almost impossible not to be yourself and meet people. It’s convenient, it’s easy, it’s safe. 4. Turnover of casual partners The law of nature requires that the new part of the world and the old world become friends. Almost all sexuality is about physical connection. When you get a new physical attachment, the old is expelled. Are there disadvantages to casual sex? The following are some of the disadvantages to casual sex. However, they are not always true. 1. STD risk Sexual activity can be infectious and casual sex usually is. However, casual sex doesn’t need to be without precaution. Unprotected sex causes the same amount of risk as protected sex, but unprotected casual sex (or protected casual sex) is much less risky. 2. Teen pregnancy Staying sexually active